Competence. Integrity. Partnership.

Our profile Almost 30 years of experience, great passion and a qualified network make us a results-driven partner.

Our consulting services are aimed at both private and institutional investors. We support them with structuring and mediating commercial financing and with financing investment properties. As independent consultants, we find not only the right financing structure, but also the ideal financing partner.

Optimal performance through expertise: We use our many years of experience in structuring real estate financing to work out the best solution for every request.

We strive to achieve an ideal combination of financing amount/ loan to value and principle/ senior and subordinate portion of the loan/ junior loan. Our aim is always to arrange financing with the best conditions possible. It goes without saying that the securities provided as well as the equity capital are managed with the utmost care. We also find innovative financing solutions for riskier real estate projects.

We at althaus finance & services have earned our excellent reputation in the financing industry thanks to the high quality of the financing applications we have worked on - and our customers benefit from this. When looking for tailor-made financing solutions, we are able to draw on a large and qualified network of banks, investment companies, building societies, crowdfunding companies and investors.

What’s more, since our founding in 2012, we have received numerous customer recommendations and structured, audited and managed financing volumes worth € 1.5 billion, all signs which encourage us to continue on our chosen path.

Our philosophy Discretion, know-how and a partnership-focused approach to our clients form the cornerstones of our work.

Our aim is to find the best possible financing solution for each individual project. One of the key competences that we bring to complex projects is know-how. We do not see problems, but rather issues to tackle in a solutions-oriented manner. We look at the bigger picture and approach the financing of each project with a great deal of passion.

At the same time, we appreciate the trust placed in us as financing consultants and project managers. We are aware of the responsibility that comes with that. That is why our real estate investors can be sure that we will treat their concerns with the utmost confidentiality, integrity and responsibility.

In addition to the entrepreneurial aspect of our work, something else is very important to us: collaboration with our clients. We rely on cooperative partnerships and a policy of good communication. This also means that we explain every step that we take on the way to optimal financing in a precise and transparent manner.

The way we see it, our role does not end when a loan agreement is signed, but includes integrated support up to the point when a loan agreement is converted into a disbursed loan.