From consulting and structuring to mediation: we offer a wide range of services.

needs-based financing We offer our clients a complete financing package.

In addition to the structuring and procurement of foreign- and mezzanine-capital, we offer our clients many other financing services. We are the right people to contact for financing property purchases, allocation financing, portfolio financing and other services listed below.

The financing of land purchases

We handle financing for the purchase of real estate as well as reserve land. By purchasing an attractive plot of land early, our clients enjoy a wide range of entrepreneurial options. Even if the property is nothing but reserve land without any concrete project planning at the time of purchase or if the building permit for the intended construction project is still missing, the search for financiers can cause difficulties.

althaus finance & services works with financing partners who are specialised in such financing and are able to assess possible risks. The combination of our clients’ entrepreneurial flair and our expertise in arranging appropriate property purchase financing makes it possible to realise projects of all kinds.

Allocation financing as part of our expertise

The division of a property and the subsequent sale of individual flats offers an entrepreneur attractive returns. We cooperate with a number of banks that do not shy away from the risk and processing costs associated with financing such projects and specialise in short and medium-term financing. They offer attractive, risk-adequate credit terms and conditions - starting at just € 1 million.

Property development financing

We are an expert partner for the construction and sale of individual flats, detached houses, semi-detached houses or terraced houses. Regardless of whether owner-occupiers or investors are the desired buyers: We take on the search for appropriate financing. We cooperate with the financing institutions that accompany a transaction in accordance with MaBV (German real estate agent and property developer ordinance), offer full financing or alternative forms of financing.

The financing of residential and commercial development

Project developments pose special challenges for all project participants. Regardless whether they are residential or commercial developments (office, retail, etc.): With our competence and our track record, we are the right contact partner.

We have excellent market knowledge of the banking partners available: This includes development financiers operating throughout Germany as well as specialised regional project financiers. Such knowledge enables us to get the right financier for our clients involved at a very early stage of the project.

Portfolio financing

Portfolio financing is the financing of the acquisition of several properties in one package. This type of financing offers both opportunities and risks. The search for a suitable financing partner can be challenging due to a diverse portfolio, but then again, the financing structure can be optimised by separately considering particularly valuable or economically weaker properties as well as different types of property. We have the know-how to achieve the best economic result for all types of portfolio financing.

The interim financing of forward deals

Your exit from a project is already contractually secured by a forward deal and now bridge financing is needed until the first instalment is paid? Or are the payments agreed with the buyer not fully sufficient for financing the project due to its rapid progress? For all of the above and other challenges, we are available with solutions for interim financing that allow full flexibility in all business ventures.

Final purchaser financing

Is the purchase of a condominium or a detached, semi-detached or terraced house pending? For the financing of such projects, you have a wide range of banks, savings banks, Volksbanken, insurance companies, building societies etc. at your disposal. In order to find the right financing partner with prime conditions, we have access to a pool of over 400 financial institutions, together with a cooperation partner where necessary.

In addition, we also advise on the advantages and disadvantages of individual offers and provide support in the provision of documents and the fulfilment of disbursement requirements.