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outside capital Individual real estate projects require customized solutions.

For the purchase of land or the division of real estate into condominiums - but also for property development and the development of residential and commercial real estate - outside capital in various forms is needed. The same applies to the purchase of private real estate and capital investments, a portfolio purchase or the interim financing of forward deals.

mezzanine The supplementation of mezzanine capital for the realisation of projects

If you need to free up equity capital or if the amount of primary borrowed capital is insufficient, mezzanine capital is required. Since mezzanine capital is a short-term but usually high-interest component of financing, the type of structuring, the amount and, in particular, the timing of the investment are decisive.

The type of collateralisation and the interaction between it and the primary, secured financing partner is also crucial and must be taken into account before closing. These factors form the basis for the structure of the overall financing and are accordingly reflected in the selection of appropriate financing partners.

the brokerage of outside and mezzanine capital althaus finance & services is a valued partner to many banks and mezzanine providers.

Mezzanine financing, also known as mezzanine capital, is a hybrid form of equity and borrowed capital. In mezzanine financing, funds are generated through private placement, bonds and crowdfunding, among other things. With this form of financing, we can offer partners who act as capital providers in the mezzanine area. We make use of our extensive partnership network to facilitate this. In addition to institutional investors, this service includes specialised banks, funds and crowdfunding platforms.