Managing Director Silke Althaus


Silke Althaus is not only the managing associate but indeed the heart of althaus finance & services: she founded the company in 2012. As a graduate in banking business management, she brings with her a wealth of experience in the financial sector as well as a wealth of ideas for solving new problems.

Ms. Althaus' expertise is based on her 19-year long career at Deutsche Bank, where she worked in various challenging specialist areas. From 1996 to 1999, Ms. Althaus was a member of the Structured Finance Team. In this position she specialised in financing volumes between 10 and 250 million Euros. From 2000 on, Ms. Althaus worked as a senior consultant to the Risk Management Team, focusing in particular on the analysis and management of interest rate, liquidity, currency and commodity risks.

In 2005 Silke Althaus took over the position of Senior Business Banking Consultant of the Special Consultancy for Financing and was responsible for advising and decision-making in commercial real estate financing as well as supporting foreign investors. From 2010, she worked as an authorised signatory at Bankhaus Löbbecke in the Credit & Corporate Customer Business division and drove the growth of the financing business. In addition, Ms. Althaus took on the role of supporting the firm’s Italian corporate customers. In addition to althaus finance and services, in 2017 Silke Althaus founded FinArts GmbH, a company for equipment leasing and art financing.

Silke Althaus speaks English, Italian and some French.