Competent advice and project support from the start

credit agreements We advise on the assessment, negotiation and closing of loan agreements.

One of our core competencies is the ability to review the content of complex loan agreements in line with the desired structure that we have developed. Our aim for the final result of a structuring is to provide a loan agreement that can be concluded with the best possible terms. Additionally, we advise on the liquidation of credit or swap positions and calculate and monitor early repayment fees or market values of the swaps to be liquidated.

credit portfolio management Everything at a glance and from a single source: we handle credit portfolio management.

Managing a credit portfolio involves a number of tasks, responsibilities and obligations. We at althaus finance & services are happy to take over the management of interest rates, collateral and maturity.

We record all existing loan liabilities and contracts in clear reports, so that our customers can always have an overview of the current market value of the loans, potential free sections in the mortgaged real estate, and upcoming maturities.

We also undertake annual reporting in accordance with ยง18 KwG (German Banking Act) to lending banks and investors regarding the economic situation, the income and expenditure situation of real estate and the creditworthiness. If desired, we are also happy to work directly with tax consultants, auditors, property management companies and asset managers. This allows our clients to concentrate fully on their projects.

inheritance disputes Our consulting and management services also include the structuring and support of inheritance disputes.

A division of an estate is understood to mean the settlement or division of an estate among several beneficiaries of a community of inheritors. In the event that there are several beneficiaries to a real estate portfolio, a reliable basis must be created for the potential desired division of the portfolio among the individual beneficiaries with regard to the comparability of the types of real estate and the underlying financing.

For this purpose, we have developed a mathematically-ordered model which can withstand notaries, a family court and court-appointed advisors. We are happy to assist you with all tasks arising in connection with the settlement of estates.